Mia Mountain has been cast in the acclaimed production "Sleep No More" by Emursive/Punchdrunk at The McKittrick Hotel in New York.
The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival has selected ”Certain People” to be screened as part of Viewpoints.
Mia Mountain is currently starring in the feature film ”Certain People” directed by Levan Akin. The film premiered at the Stockholm International Film Festival and is playing at theatres in Stockholm.

Svenska Dagbladet writes that "Mia Mountain, as Katinka, brings to mind Sissy Spacek’s character in Robert Altman’s 3 Women: oberserving, isolated, and contained in her own inner world. Very exactly and skillfully nurturing the art of obeservation, while the stiff company transform into a couple of single parallels."

Dagens Nyheter notes that "Mia Mountain’s Katinka is a stand-out with her enigmatic presence and coolness, a character who does not conform to a specific ”type” in comparison to the others." And SVT that "Katinka is truly the Queen of the party and Mia Mountain does the role with a perfect frigidity, without becoming a blasé cliché in the way the upper class is often portrayed."

Filmlabbet believes that "Katinka leaves the strongest impression, who in Mia Mountain’s interpretation, gets the right balance between fragility and insight and carries the film’s ambition in taking the contemporary cultural pulse."

Mia Mountain has been nominated as one of the six L’Oreal Paris Rising Stars of the 2011 Stockholm International Film Festival.

The Stockholm International Film Festival has selected ”Certain People” as part of the 2011 Competition.


PHOTO: Niklas Alexandersson

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